Hangover Hash, Hare Manual

At Hangover Hash House Harriers we like to keep things simple for the hares, however the Mismangment asks that you follow some hard fast rules and guidelines.

Trail Types

There are two standard formats for H4 Brunch Hashes.

  • $5 Trail/ Brunch Not Included by Hares - In this format, hares must find a suitable ON ON ON Brunch location that will take a reservation for a minimum of 25 wankers. We ask that out of respect of the restaurant that you make 4-6 reservations of tables of six ahead of time coordinating with the establishment. This will allow quicker seating, the food to come out faster, and ease of splitting/paying the bill.

  • $10 Trail/ Brunch Included by Hares - In this format, hares provide brunch at an On In location such as a backyard or other suitable area. The Hares will be reimbursed for any expenses spent on the brunch provided up to but not exceeding $100(receipt verification required). Please be aware that you will be asked to provide a meal for approximately 40 people.

Trail Details

At the Hangover Hash, we traditionally have three trails. The Eagle, the longest or most challenging trail which has a typical distance of 5-8 miles. The Turkey, a shorter or easier version of the Eagle which is less challenging and is usually around 3-6 miles. The Pengiun, this is the shortest trail and is often the trail used by the walkers and/or strollers and has a distance of 2-4 miles. If you plan on your trail(s0 to be a greater distance then this, then you must get approval from the Hangover Joint Master's ahead of time. Please note, the Eagle trail doesn’t always have be longer and harder at the same time (for example if Eagles need to climb a mountain or cross a lake or anything thats going to take time to navigate the trail needs to be shorter base on time). You need to make sure that the idea is that for everyone to make it in to the end circle at approximately the same time.

We ask the hares to plan on laying all three types of these trails om their date that they selected. If for whatever reason you can not do this, we ask that you reach out to our hare raiser providing justification.

We also ask that you scout the area very well. Please don't trespass on private property, and properly plan the three trails out so that all the participants on all three trails end at approximately the same time.

Be prepared for the worst. We know that shit happens, but you need to watch the weather and be prepared to possibly change your trail plan on the day of trail. That creek you planned on crossing that was knee deep, can now be over your cranium in the event of a heavy rainstorm.

Two weeks prior to the hash date, you need to provide the start location and simple, clear directions—so that even people with half-a-brain can follow them—to the Hare Raiser so that they can then send out the info to the masses. If you find that you do not have all details by this point, then you need to be able to provide at least the bare minimum such as start and end, so that we have something to work with. the full details will be required one week prior to trail.

Shot Checks

It is traditional to provide at least one shot on trail. Additionally, one shot or a bottle of your favorite liquor at the ON IN is encouraged for all to enjoy... especially when wankers receive their 21 run shot glass down downs. At each of the shot checks we ask that you also provide some sort of water beverage for those not drinking, and for those that want to chase down your swill with something refreshing. The Hares are responsible for providing the liquor for their shot checks and will be reimbursed up to $25 for any expenses used to produce the mixes (receipt verification required). Please note there sometimes is a supply of liquor which the Beermiester might have from previous events that can be used upon request.

Special Events

Hangover Hash occasionally has trails for special events such as the Full mOOn trails, anniversary trails, Red Dress Recovery, etc. If you haring one of these trails, then you can expect a larger turnout (sometimes 60-80+), we ask that you work with the JM's and rest mismanagement on what is expected of you, and what they can do to help you for organizing the event.


In the event that your trail is part of a double-header/triple-header/o-r-g-y event then we ask that you ensure that the H4 trail end location is close to where the next trail begins. We also ask that you get as much information as you can for all the trails to the hare raisers for all kennels involved in the event. The hare raisers can then use this information to accurately advertise the event to all its group members, letting them know what to expect and so that they can encourage more people to participate in all the trails that occur that day.


The Hangover Hash House Harriers has a Beermeister as part of their mismanagement. They will provided all the beer, water, soda, and small snacks that is required for end circle. If you have a beer check for your trail, then we ask that you coordinate with the beermeister so that you get a cooler or two ahead of time that you can then place on trail wherever its needed. Please note, it is not the Beermeister's job to man a beer check or to haul the coolers out of their vehicle into yours. This is your responsibility as a hare. If you buy beer for the beer check, then these expenses are reimbursable, however it combined with the shot check cannot exceed $25.

Flour and markings

Hares are responsible for their own flour, chalk or other trail marking tools. Again, this will not be provided by mismanagement so come prepared the morning of! We ask that you use flour, TP, chalk, or whatever you can to indicate the information necessary to complete the three trails. All that we ask is that you don't use anything that is toxic, would be considered litter, or that would remain in the environment after a months given time.

We also require that you provide a legend of the markings to be found on trail to the Religious Advisor at the start of trail. This information will then be used ad a chalk talk to the pack and will provide any late comers on what to expect.

If you are not familiar with the typical Hangover H3 trail marks please see here where they are described: http://hangoverhash.com/hash-markings/


The safety of a given trail always fall upon a given person and they need to be responsible for their actions on the trail. However that being said Hangover we don't do pick-up trails, and so you are expected to know your terrain for where you lay your trail. Use you best judgement for what you are doing for the trail, and listen to any concerns that your co-hares might have. We ask that you provide rope for steep climbs/de-climbs and deep water crossings (anything about mid-chest or that has a strong current). If swimming is necessary, then this clearly needs to be outlined in the trail notes. We also ask that you plan for stroller work arounds, and any additional information needed for those with dogs.

Please note, when it comes time for the end and the majority of the pack has come in, be sure to ask the pack if at all anybody is missing. The On-Sec should be able to help in identifying if someone is not where they should be. If you do find that there are still people on trail, then it is your responsibility as hare to go back out on trail and find them. Depending on time it might make sense to do this immediately or it could occur after end circle, but it must be done when necessary.


It is tradition for Hangover to either hold an event, or encourage the pack to participate in an existing event the day/night before our trail. How does one get a hangover if they don't drink the night before?

The alpha hare will need to pick the location, type (party, bar crawl, etc.), and time. All information pertaining to this must be included in your trail information which is submitted to the hare raiser.

Please note, don’t schedule a pre-lube if the hares are not able to attend.


There is a maximum of four hares will have free sign-in for the trail. If you have more hares then this, then you will have to split/pay additional money for those at hash cash (it is up to the alpha hare to decide how this payment is handled).

Please note, that at least one beer check and/or shot check must be present for each trail, and with water.

Thank you for your effort in giving back to the hash and providing another awesome "shitty" trail event for Hangover Hash House Harriers and the DC hashing community.