#13 DC Full Moon Party Bus

**Prelube Beltway Bob sponsored by H4**
Friday, May 24th 5:30 to 7PM First Down Sports Bar & Grill 4213 N Fairfax Dr, Arlington, VA 22203
Come out to Beltway Bob’s too loosen up for the Full Moon starting only a block away. beer, wine, liquor and appetizer specials await! Just don’t spoil your liver’s appetite too much before trail!
FMH3 Trail #304/ H4 Trail #13
FRIDAY 7:00 PM- May 24th, 2013
$10.00 US (Trail+ Only)  
$45.00 US (Trail+ and Boomerang Party Bus On After)
Max Attendance on the buses is 76… sign up if you still can!!!
A to A Trail
Bag Vehicle Provided for Storage During Trail
DC Full Moon Sponsored by Hangover Hash House Harriers (H4)
Since it is the opening weekend of HANGOVER III, feel free to grow out your beard, throw on some shades and strap a random child to your chest… or just get wasted!!! If you don’t have enough money for the Party Bus, make some elementary school children pay for it!
Grinding Nemo, Pebbles for Pussy, Saigon Sally, Marathon Meth Man, Microsoft, Bad Ditch
Welburn Square, 901 North Taylor Street, Arlington, VA
near Ballston Metro
On On On Brunch:
None. This is at night stupid! Plenty of fun will be had on on on the buses however!
Brunch Specials:
None, but I’m sure your moves on the pole will be special!
Large parking garage at the Ballston Mall just south off Glebe or play the street parking shell game.
Metro Accessibility:
YES! Less than a block from Ballston Metro Station
From I-66: Take exit 71 to merge onto N Fairfax Dr toward Virginia 120/Virginia 237/Glebe Rd; Turn right onto N Taylor St; Destination will be on the left
From I-395: Take exit 8A to merge onto S Washington Blvd toward Columbia Pike; Turn left onto 10th St N; Turn left onto Wilson Blvd; Turn right onto N Taylor St
Destination will be on the right
Shiggy Rating: (1=None to 10=Jungle Bushwacking)
Eagle- 6
Turkey- 5
Penguin- 2
Trail Length (Approx):
Eagle- 5 mi
Turkey- 4+ mi
Penguin- 2.5 mi
Dog Friendly:
Yes on Penguin
Tough dog (owner) on Turkey/Eagle
Stroller Friendly:
Penguin Only
More Info:
*Bus Departure is from Front Page Ballston at approximately 9:30PM*
What You Get Basics- Eagle/Turkey/Penguin Trail, Beer, Liquor, Drunk Bus, VIP Access to Three Bars/Clubs...
What You Get Details- Besides a great Full Moon trail, rego registration includes access to the Boomerang Party Bus on after party. Wankers are allowed to bring their own “beverages” in a resealable plastic container for the bus! Each Party Bus will include music, lights and stripper poles for a wild ride to and from three bars/clubs. We are allowed to leave items on the bus, but you do so at your own risk. If possible, leave large bags behind in cars. Wankers are encouraged to bring their party clothes, not a whole suitcase. Shiggy won’t be quite as tough as usual at H4, but no one wants to smell your dirty shiggy socks on the bus! We have been assured dress codes will be relaxed, but better safe than blacked out in the gutter alone. A bag vehicle will be provided as storage during the A to A trail. Half minds are allowed to ditch the bus at any time but must find their own way home before passing out. Registration for the Party Bus is completely first come, first serve. Even if sold out, a $10 Full Moon Trail will still be available on the night of the event. Don’t delay, register today if you still can! Don’t forget your ID!
On “Party Rock” On!