#15 It’s Bastille Day! - La Fête Nationale

H4 Prélube #15 (H4 Prelube #15):
District 2, Saturday (samedi) 7:00pm (19:00) – July 13, 2013 (13 Juillet 2013)
3238 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC 20016
202 362 0362

We have the hookup with happy hour drink and food specials all night long!!!

H4 Sentier #15 (H4 Trail #15):
Dimanche (Sunday) 10:00 (10:00am) - 14 Juillet 2013 (July 14, 2013)
$5.00 US
A to A'

Thème (Theme):
liberté, égalité, fraternité

It’s Bastille Day! - La Fête Nationale

No this is not a run celebrating French Toasted!  Sorry Frenchy!
Porter bleu, blanc et rouge pour célébrer et pour la séance de photos spéciale sur la piste Aigle. (Wear Blue, White and Red to celebrate, and for the special photo op on the Eagle trail)

Lièvres (Hares):
Monsieur Gutter Balls, Monsieur Spew Me Father For I have Skin, Monsieur Parks in Your Rectum, et mystère lièvre

Emplacement (Start):
District 2
3238 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC 20016
(202) 362-0362

Remplir votre ventre  (On On On Brunch):
District 2
3238 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC 20016
(202) 362-0362

Spéciale à Remplir votre ventre (Brunch Specials):
They have beer and brunch.  Have either or both!

Stationnement (Parking):
Yay pour le dimanche!!!  (Yay for Sunday!!!)
Street parking is available, be sure to check signs.

L'Accessibilité du Métro (Metro Accessibility):
District 2 is 1.61km (1.0mi) from the Cleveland Park Station on the Red line and 1.77km (1.1mi) form the Tenleytown AU Station on the Red Line.

From Cleveland Park Station, walk south on Connecticut Ave, crossing Ordway and Newark Streets, then turn right on Macomb St NW.  Continue on Macomb to Wisconsin Ave, District 2 is across Wisconsin Ave on your left.

From Tenleytown AU Station, walk down hill, cross Albermarle St, pass St. Anne's Church, no need to stop, cross Yuma, 40th, Windom, Warren Streets, …, when you pass Fannie Mae and Sidwell Friends you're more than halfway there, and at Macomb St, District 2 will be on your right.

D'érections (D'Erections):
On Wisconsin Avenue NW, at Macomb Street NW.  Just a few blocks north of the National Cathedral (am I allowed to mention that here?) and the Russian embassy.

Set you GPS to the address above, or use googlemaps/mapquest/etc. before you leave home.  And don't forget to print it out and bring it with you.  (Thanks for reminding me, Mom.)

Freudinousse Classement (Shiggy Rating):
(1=None to 10=Jungle Bushwacking)
Eau, petit boue, Shiggy, PI, and that is all we are going to say about the trail – there will be no retreating!
Aigle (Eagle)- 8
Turquie (Turkey)- 8
Pingouin (Penguin)- 5

Longueur du Sentier (Trail Length):
Aigle (Eagle)- 8050 m (50 tenths of a Mile)
Turquie (Turkey)- 8.05 km (5 Miles)
Pingouin (Penguin)- 4.03 km (2.5 Miles)

Chien Amical (Dog Friendly):
Votre chien doit survivre piste, mais n'est pas autorisé à l'intérieur du restaurant. (Your dog should survive trail, but is not allowed in the restaurant.)

Poussette Amical (Stroller Friendly):
Demandez lièvres pour autre chemin pour contourner les obstacles.   Aussi, gardez un copain de piste avec vous car il ya des escaliers sur le sentier.  Les enfants sont admis dans le restaurant.  (Ask hares for alternate routes around obstacles. Also, keep a trail buddy with you as there are stairs on trail.  Children are allowed in the restaurant)

Plus d’Info (More Info):
Les lièvres ne parlent pas français.