#16 Running of the Virgins White Dress Run and Drag Brunch!!!

H4 Prelube #16:
Saturday 8:00pm- (August 10th, 2013)
Adams Morgan Bar/Club Crawl

8pm- Black Squirrel, 9pm- Grand Central, 11pm Heaven and Hell

Get some of the best Mac and Cheese in the city with a tall Lambicane laced with 151 or a flaming absinthe at Black Squirrel. Later, dance the night away
at Grand Central and Heaven and Hell. Blackout and hash…

H4 Trail #16:
Sunday 10:00 AM- (August 11, 2013)
$5.00 (VIRGINS FREE!!!)
A to A’

Note: Pack away will be right at 10am. We have reservations for brunch at 12:30 that CANNOT be moved.  If you are late, you're on your own.

Running of the Virgins White Dress Run and Drag Brunch!!!

Because Mismanagement got lazy on their last hash before AGM (sign up above!!!), they put Virgin Hares in charge of this one. Any hash virgins are FREE. Wear your frilliest white dress and prepare for deflowering, virginal sacrifice, cherry popping, and a wet surprise! White dresses HIGHLY encouraged (if you’re a virgin, spill some ketchup on it ;p)

Camo Sutra, Kaptain Jack Swallows, Penis de Gallo,  and Dude, That Guy

Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan Metro. Circle will be in the usual spot in the park across from the Chipotle. There will be marks to start for all the virgins.

On On On Brunch:
Nelllie’s Sports Bar
900 U St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Brunch Specials:
$24 Brunch buffet
First Mimosa Free
$4/$6 Bloody Marys

It’s Sunday!!! Free on Street Parking!!!

Metro Accessibility:
Woodley Park Metro (red line)

Get to the metro. Follow marks to start.

Shiggy Rating:  (1=None to 10=Jungle Bushwacking)
Eagle: 7
Turkey: 6
Penguin: 5

Trail Length (Approx):
Eagle: 6.5
Turkey: 6
Penguin: 2.5 to 3

Dog Friendly:
There are parts of the trail where dogs are NOT allowed and they are definitely not welcome at brunch. Leave the mutts at home. You'll survive a few hours without them

Stroller Friendly:
Only if you want to carry your stroller for half the trail.

More Info:
Wear a white dress! H&M has some fabulous deals on them right now… or Goodwill is always a fav! Also, there will be prizes for the person who brings the most virgins to this hash! Bag vehicle will be provided.

On "Day of Rest…Fuck Th@t!" On