#2 Cumlaboration: White House/Hangover Red Dress Recovery Run

WH4 Hash #1460 / H4 Hash #2
Sunday 10:00 AM- October 7th, 2012
$5.00 US (if you didn’t buy Hashtivus)
A to A’ 
Theme:Cumlaboration: White House/Hangover Red Dress Recovery Run
Dual credit for both kennels
Hare(s):Grinding Nemo, Pebbles for Pussy, G.T.O, French Toasted
Start: Francis Junior High School
2425 N Street NW
Washington, DC 20037
On On On Brunch: Madhatter (Upstairs)
1319 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20036
Brunch Specials: 
$5 “Make your own” Bloody Mary Bar
$10 Unlimited Mimosas
$8 Unlimited Champagne
Parking: Yay for Sunday!!! 
Most on-street parking is free on Sundays. If not, “make it rain” at a garage. 
Metro Accessibility: Yes, kinda.
~8 blocks southwest of Dupont Circle (Red Line)
~9 blocks north of Foggy Bottom (Orange/Blue Line)
D'Erections: From Melrose Hotel- Go right (East) on Pennsylvania, Go Left (North) on  24th St NW about 6.5 blocks and you will see it ahead on the left as you cross N St. NW. (look for marks) 
From DuPont Circle Metro- South on 20th St NW a few blocks, right (West) on N St NW about 4 Blocks and you will see Francis on the right. 
From Foggy Bottom Metro- Left (North) on 23rd St NW, through circle, about 4 more blocks until you make a left on N St NW
From VA- Memorial Bridge, Rock Creek or 23rd… oh geez… map, GPS, computer, smartphone or metro. 
From Maryland- Also map, GPS, computer, smartphone or metro
Shiggy Rating: (1=None to 10=Jungle Bushwacking)
E- 6
P- 1
Trail Length (Approx): Eagle- 3.38 Miles
Turkey- 2.45 Miles
Penguin- 1.39 Miles
Dog Friendly: Yes, they helped scout it… but not inside for brunch.
Stroller Friendly: On Penguin Only
More Info: Remember Penguin is essentially the walker trail. If you’re walking like a zombie, stick to this one. If you wanna kick that hangover’s ass, take Eagle. It’s worth it. Some PI risk on T/E… none on Penguin.
ON ON ON Brunch… Madhatter is holding upstairs for us under RDR group. If we max out capacity, check out Luna Grill on the same block. They serve breakfast all day. Otherwise, there is The Front Page on New Hampshire near Dupont Circle, Hudson Restaurant on the way back to the hotel or a million other places in DC. Madhatter is pretty big though so hopefully we’re good. 
On "Day of Rest... F...@ck That!" On