#24 DC Powder Hounds Skash Weekend #1

H4 Trail #24
***SATURDAY NIGHT*** 6:33 PM- (January 25, 2014)
$5.00 US
A to A’ (Maybe?)
DC Powder Hounds Skash Weekend #1 Sponsored by the Hangover Hash House Harriers
Fister Roboto, Camo Sutra, Pebbles for Pussy
Old Spruce Café & Tavern in Snowshoe, WV
On On On Brunch:
Next Day, 8am Sunday Morning Breckfast at Junction Restaurant
Brunch Specials:
You should have dealt with that when you arrived!
Metro Accessibility:
Hell No!
Enter Snowshoe, WV into GPS.
Old Spruce Café & Tavern is right in the middle at building 10 (Rimfire Lodge)
Shiggy Rating: (1=None to 10=Jungle Bushwacking)
Eagle- 7ish?
Turkey- 6ish?
Penguin- 2ish?
Trail Length (Approx):
Eagle- <4 Miles
Turkey- Shorter
Penguin- Even Shorter
Dog Friendly:
Poor puppy feet in the snow… NO!
Stroller Friendly:
Probably Not
More Info:
Come to start at Old Spruce early for a great craft beer selection!
Will scout trail on arrival so ratings and lengths are mmmmaaaayyyyybbbeeeessss.
On "Day of White Powder… Fuck Ye@h!" On
*8:00am- Junction Restaurant
Rest of Day- Unorganized and On Out