#25 Chili Cook-off and Super Bowl Tri-Fuckta!

Optional H4 Prelube #25
Saturday 4:00pm- (February 1, 2014)

DC Rollergirls Roller Derby Double Header with Beaver Receiver. Two bouts (Beaver's team will be in the second, the Majority Whips) at DC Armory. Matches start at 4:00PM and the cost is about $15. 

Check out the website: http://www.dcrollergirls.com Also, they serve beer.
2001 East Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003 or take the Stadium Armory Metro (duh).
Afterwards (8:00-8:30?), we'll party with the roller derby girls at Trusty's.
1420 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003 or take Potomac Ave Metro.

H4 Trail #25
Sunday 10:00 AM- (February 2, 2014)

$20.00 USD – Includes three trails (Hangover, Hillbilly, Fredericksburg Urban) and an entry in the football pool. Other football pool squares are $5 each. If you miss a trail, you will get a $5 discount per missed trail.

A to B – Bag vehicle will be provided. If you come late, come to the original start. The hares will provide shuttle to the next trail. 

Hares away – 9:45AM
Pack away – 10:00AM
Chili Cook-off and Super Bowl Tri-Fuckta!
F5, Straight in the Navy, Camo Sutra, Rektal Spielunker
Lake Ridge Middle School
12350 Mohican Rd
Woodbridge, VA 22192
Metro Accessibility:
GPS Address above. Look for wankers standing around.
Lake Ridge Middle School parking lot.
On On On Brunch:
“Brunch” will be the chili cook-off after the FUH3 trail. There will be snacks at the end of the Hangover trail, but eat a hearty breakfast if you plan on doing all three trails.
Trail Length (Approx):
Eagle- 4.3 Miles
Turkey- 3.2 Miles
Penguin (Walkers) - 2.6 Miles
Shiggy Rating: (1=None to 10=Jungle Bushwacking)
Eagle - 4
Turkey - 4
Penguin - 4
Dog Friendly:
Eagle - Yes
Turkey - Yes
Penguin - Yes
Brunch - I have a back yard that dogs are allowed in, but it's not very big. Also, consider the weather when deciding if you want your dog outside the whole time.
Stroller Friendly:
Eagle - No
Turkey - No
Penguin - No
Brunch - No
More Info:
There will be water crossings. Bring dry clothes and shoes.

Wear your team's NFL jersey.