#29 Leg 3 of Tour duh Hash!

H4 Optional Prelube #29
Saturday ?:00pm- June 7, 2014

H4 Trail #29 – Leg 3 of Tour duh Hash!
Sunday 10:00 AM- June 8, 2014
$10.00 US - Food will be provided
A to Z - Bag vehicle provided
Hares away – 9:45AM
Pack away – 10:00AM
It’s Tour, people! You know you will be there! Besides we have a helicopter and a Slip ‘N Slide.
Vagina Repellent, Pounding My Privates, Camo Sutra, Fister Roboto

College Park Metro (use address below for GPS)
5100 Paint Branch Parkway
College Park, MD
Follow marks to start at the park & ride. Not the garage or the kiss & ride lot, you silly drunken wankers.
From 495:
Take exit 23 and head south on Kenilworth Rd.
Turn right onto Paint Branch Rd.
Turn left onto River Rd.
Turn right into entrance to park and ride and look for wankers. 
Sunday! It is free!
On On On Brunch:
5051 Branchville Rd
College Park, MD
Brunch Specials:
H4 will be providing food and opening a limited tab for pitchers of beer! 
If you want anything else (bottled beer), it’s pay-as-go.
After the tab runs out, draft beers are like $2.

Trail Length (Approx):
Eagle- 6ish miles
Turkey- 5ish miles
Penguin - shorter than the others

Shiggy Rating: (1=None to 10=Jungle Bushwacking)
Eagle – 5
Turkey - 4
Penguin - 2
Dog Friendly:
Dogs are welcome on trail but not at the On-In. Sorry.
Stroller Friendly:
Shouldn’t be an issue but you may need help in places.
More Info:
It’s Tour, so expect the unexpected. It’s a long walk back to metro for your vehicle so make sure you pack your bag accordingly to be able to change and get your car. Greenbelt metro will be closer than College Park metro from the end. Parking is street parking at On-In and we should be able to accommodate most, but not all of us, who drive.
Stick around after brunch for Leg 4 of Tour duh Hash at 3PM with BAH3!
On "Day of Rest… Fuck Th@t!" On