#43 A Religious Experience

H4 Prelube #43
Saturday 8:00pm, February 21st, 2015
Cleveland Park Bar & Grill, 3421 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20008
50ish yards from Cleveland Park Metro stop on Red Line. Entry password is "Hangover Hash" to get Happy Hour prices on lots of drinks/eats. Please tip tenders (probably Liz and Javier) to keep all happy :)

H4 Trail #43
Sunday 10:00am, February 22nd, 2015 (note to easily confused... day AFTER prelube )
$5.00 US
A to A, then B for brunch

A Religious Experience
Penguins will like see an ancestor, Turkeys will also experience holy water baptism and the Eagles will additionally get a few "Oh, my God" moments. If you can find your old choir robe, vestments from an earlier life, robes you wore as a novitiate, etc please wear and be prepared to describe what you were thinking then. 

The Head Master (so to speak) is Bishop "Squid" ably assisted by Altar Boy "Spew Me Father," Altar Boy-in-Training "3 Holer," and Altered Boy "Parks in Your Rectum."
(Sure seems these names of long ago were given in expectation of this run!)

The alley behind...
2937 Cathedral Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20008
Yes, that's right. The religious experience begins on Cathedral Ave! Where Bishops used to live... catching on? 

Metro Accessibility
Red Line 0.5 mile NW of Woodley Park-Zoo Metro or 0.7 SW of Cleveland Park Metro. Uphill shorter or longer downhill? Start your day with a BEEEGGG decision. 

Find DC, Locate Connecticut Ave. 
If coming from the south (downtown or NOVA)... take Conn Ave north over the taft Bridge. Take the second left on the turn arrow onto Woodley Rd. (just past the Marriott). Turn right on 29th st. At the top of the hill, turn left on Cathedral Ave. No. 2937 is halfway down the block on the right opposite the Maret School. The alley is behind the house... DUH!

If coming from the north (Montgomery MD)... take Conn Ave south about 6.1 miles. Turn right on Cathedral Ave. Continue west until you see the Maret School on your left. No. 2937 is directly opposite. To find alley, see above. 

Park at the Maret School across the street (turn in the gate where you see the arrows) or park on the street wherever it's legal (YAY FOR SUNDAYS!!!)

On On On Brunch
We will again join those general drink pouring bartenders at Cleveland Park Bar & Grill, 3421 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20008. That's why we were tipping well!

Trail Length (Approx)
Eagle- 7ish miles (blue flour aka color your feet will be)
Turkey- 5ish miles (orange flour aka thanksgiving, pumpkins, fall, etc)
Penguin 3ish miles (yellow, flour not your character)

Shiggy Rating
Eagle- 5
Turkey- 3
Penguin- 0

Dog Friendly/Stroller Friendly
No Dogs. Sorry Fido. Hash babies on Penguin.

Trail will be marked with Kuala Lumpur rules... meaning checks are big Xs and if your on flour your on. Nothing else... okay maybe a boob check or two (or seven). Oh and no opium smoking. Honest, original KL rule! 
Dry bag unless you're a Penguin. Outdoors Apres (circle). No fire pit. Dress accordingly. It is fooking winter after all. There will be beer to simulate warmth. 

WH4 may be running in same area at 3pm so stay focused on our blue/orange/yellow KL flour and consider a doubleheader. Good luck!

On - Day of Rest, Fuck Th@t - On!