#6 The Hobbit Hash aka The Hashit - An Unexpected Trail

H4 Trail #6
Sunday 10:00 AM SHARP- December 16th, 2012
$5.00 US
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The Hobbit Hash aka The Hashit- An Unexpected Trail
Special cumlaboration final leg of the Lord of the Hash Trailogy
Opening Weekend Movie Viewing Event
Grinding Nemo, Vagina Repellent
3575 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Alexandria, VA 22305
(Behind the Theater)
On On On Brunch:
Regal Potomac Yard Stadium 16
Concession Stand
Brunch Specials:
Nothing’s special…
Just overpriced.
Big free theater parking lot
Metro Accessibility:
Sort of… exactly 1.5 miles south on Hwy 1 from the Crystal City Metro.
You’re a hasher. You can handle it!
From Crystal City Metro- See Above (no marks)
For driving, from 495, take Hwy 1 North (Exit 177B) until you cross a bridge over the train tracks. After the bridge, take a right on the new Potomac Ave. You will see the theater a few blocks later on your right. Wankers will be spotted in the parking lot behind the theater.
From DC, take S-395 to Hwy 1 South. Drive until you pass south Glebe and cross the Four Mile Run waterway. Make a left into the Potomac Yard Shopping Strip. The theater is behind the Barnes &Noble, Sports Authority etc. Wankers will be spotted in the parking lot behind the theater.
Shiggy Rating: (1=None to 10=Jungle Bushwacking)
Trail Length (Approx):
The One Trail to Rule Them All- 2.8 Miles
Dog Friendly:
Not really, plus Regal frowns on barking in the theater.
Stroller Friendly:
More Info:
BE EARLY AND BRING HEADLAMPS NEEDED!!! Hares away at 9:45am. Starting circle starts at 10AM SHARP to get everyone in for 11:20am movie. Short trail, but tough in sections. Middle-earth isn’t all Shire! Mirkwood, the Dead Marshes and Torech Ungol await. Beware of Shelob’s spawn! Change of clothes and shoes for the theater are highly recommended. A towel would also be useful. To save time, this trail will not have an end circle but multiple beverage checks on trail will give you your money’s worth.
We will of course be cleaning up and watching a showing of The Hobbit at 11:20am. This ensures easy passage to WH4 that afternoon for wankers of that fellowship. Get your tickets early to be safe. Order online or call (703) 739-4054. It may be an early show but these LOTR fans are rabid!!!
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