#64 - Hells Bells

Hangover H3 Trail #64 - Hell's Bell
SundayJune 12th
$10.00 – we’re including food at end for you wankers
A to Z
Sign in starts at - 9:30AM
Hares away – 9:45AM
Pack away – 10:00AM! NOTE: We will be starting on time (for reals!) so that wankers can make it the end of tour at Baltimore Annapolis

Hangover H3 MM

Takoma Park Metro follow the marks to start
327 Cedar St NW, Washington, DC 20012


Metro Accessibility:
YES! Takoma Park Metro

Again….Takoma Park Metro!! Yeah for Sunday, parking is free in the metro lot and the meters are free around the metro. There will be vehicle runs back to start at the end.

Boozy Lunch:
Will be catered by none other than Wookin Pa Nub and his merry crew after end circle. 

Hellbender Brewing Company
5788 2nd St NE, Washington, DC 20011

Trail Length (Approx):
Eagle –6.5ish miles
Turkey – 6ish miles….Just do Eagle you chicken
Penguin – 3.25ish miles

Shiggy Rating: (1=None to 10=Jungle Bushwacking)
Eagle – 6
Turkey - 5
Penguin – 3
Dog Friendly:
PLEASE NOTE, FORECAST IS SHOWING IT WILL BE 87°F…so it may be best to keep the pooch at home

Eagle: Yes for dogs …. No for strollers
Turkey: Yes for dogs … No for strollers
Penguin: Yes for dogs…Yes for adventure strollers.
On-After: Yes for dogs…Yes for strollers.

On - Day of Rest, Fuck Th@t - On!