#70 - Pre-ejaculection 2016

Optional H4 Prelube:

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Pre-lube:  Bonfire at Slumberjack and Stump Happens' house.  Address is 2430 Ridgehampton Ct. Reston VA 20191.  BYOB marshmallows will be provided.

H4 Trail #70
Sunday 9:30- November 6, 2016
A to A’
Sign in - 9:30 AM
Hares away – 9:45AM
Pack away – 10:00AM SHARP!

Pre-ejaculection 2016 voter/wanker apocalypse! Come dressed as your preferred candidate! Or a previous president! Or your intended write-in candidate! Or your favorite farm animal! Whatever, just vote, goddammit!

Stump Happens, Slumberjack, GTO

Parking lot of Safeway
2304 Hunters Woods Plaza
Reston, VA 20191


Metro Accessibility:
Whiele ave is approximately 3 miles away from start, so plan accordingly or find another wanker to pick you up from the metro.


Yay for Sunday! Parking is free in the Safeway lot

On On On Brunch:
American Tap Room
1811 Library St
Reston, VA 20190

Brunch specials:

$0.01...yes you read that right 1 cent mimosas when you buy buffet brunch $1.00 PBR, bloody mary's vimosas, and belenis, $2.00 pino gritio and merlot also when you buy buffet brunch.

Trail Length (Approx):
Eagle- 6.5 miles
Turkey- 5ish miles
Penguin- 2.75 miles

Shiggy Rating: (1=None to 10=Jungle Bushwacking)
Eagle - 8
Turkey - 7
Penguin - 6

Dog Friendly:
Eagle - no
Turkey - noe
Penguin - yes, adventurous dogs added 
Brunch - no

Stroller Friendly:
Eagle - no
Turkey - no
Penguin - no
Brunch – yes

On "Day of Rest… Fuck Th@t!" On