#8 Super Bowl Sunday Super Hash!

H4 Trail #8
Sunday 10:00 AM- February 3rd, 2013
$5.00 US
A to A’
Super Bowl Sunday Super Hash!
Rektal Spielunker, Straight in the Navy and Wookin Panub
Level 4 of Parking Garage
Franconia-Springfield Metro Station
Frontier Drive, Springfield, VA 22150
On On On Brunch:
Walker’s Grille
6909 Metro Park Drive, Alexandria, VA 22310
Sample of menu:
Brunch Specials:
Brunch link currently not working but was told brunch is under $20
Bottomless Mimosas, Baby!
Free parking on weekends in the Metro parking lot
Metro Accessibility:
Well we are starting at the Franconia-Springfield Metro Station
Use technology!!!
Shiggy Rating: (1=None to 10=Jungle Bushwacking)
Eagle- 7
Turkey- 6
Penguin- 3
Trail Length (Approx):
Eagle- More than 4.5
Turkey- 4.5
Penguin- less than 4.5
Dog Friendly:
Not overly dog friendly, unless your pooch is a super hero!
Stroller Friendly:
Not overly, parts of trail can be bypassed, best to contact hares for advice.
More Info:
It’s the Super Bowl baby, wear your favorite team shirt, especially if it’s not the 49ers or Ravens (just to give the other teams some love) or you can wear your favorite article of clothing from a sibling, since its a Brothers affair this year!  This trail has a bit of everything for your hashing pleasure.  There is trail and shiggy and jungle and shiggy and a bit of trail!  And because we are in an urban area, some obligatory pavement.
On "West Virginia Super Bowl" On