#99 - What I’ve learned about marriage

H4 Prelube #99
Saturday 8:00pm- August, 11th, 2018
Murphy’s, 713 King St, Alexandria, VA

H4 Trail #99
Sunday 9:30 AM- August, 12th, 2018
$5.00 US
A to B

Hares away - 9:45AM
Pack away - 10:15AM

What I’ve learned about marriage

Cum Brew Lay, Queen of the Jungle, Marathon Meth Man, 3 Licks to the Center of a Titty Pop

Front steps of George Washington Masonic National Memorial
101 Callahan Drive, Alexandria, Virginia 22301


Metro Accessibility:
King Street Metro, follow marks to start


Yay for Sunday! Street parking

On On On Brunch:
San Antonio Bar and Grill
200 Swamp Fox Road
Alexandria, VA 22314-4686 US
(703) 329-6400

Brunch Specials:
Great, kid! Don’t get cocky!

Trail Length (Approx):
Eagle- 7 Miles
Turkey- 7 Miles
Penguin - 4 Miles

Shiggy Rating: (1=None to 10=Jungle Bushwacking)
Eagle - 7
Turkey - 3
Penguin - 3

Dog Friendly:
Eagle - tough dogs
Turkey - yes
Penguin - yes
Brunch - no

Stroller Friendly:
Eagle - no
Turkey - tough strollers
Penguin - tough strollers
Brunch - sure

More Info:
There will be a tunnel and water on Eagle. Bring head lamp and dry bag. No water on Turkey and Penguin.
White House H3 White Dress Run will start at 5 PM from the On After so stick around have a couple drinks and then put on your best white dress!

On "Day of Rest Fuck Th@t!" On