#45 Hangover On-Location in Durham/Raleigh, NC

Hangover On-Location in Durham/Raleigh, NC

April 24-26: It's gonna be a glorious weekend of hashing adventures!

Fri, April 24 6:30 HST - CLH3 will host a downtown TWAT (Thirsty Wankers
Alternative Trail) Hash. Downtown Raleigh. Kilt up and show off some old
school Triangle hash gear.
Sat, April 25 - 2 OPTIONS!!*
*Brewgaloo at Raleigh's City Plaza 2-10 PM.
Food trucks, local beer, and live music. No cover charge! We'll post a meeting time/location. *If anyone if interested in volunteering to hare a trail leading to said event, I'm sure our visitors would be very pleased!!*

*BurVegas H3 will be hosting their 5th Analversary Hash. 2pm meetup - cum for trail and stay to campout at PBJ & Moo Me's. $5 for trail, $20 for trail & camping (includes dinner, portajohn, shooting star trail, and bloody marys!) RSVP REQUIRED.
Sun April 26:
10am: DC Hangover H3 to host a hangover trail from Comfort Inn & Suites
Glenwood Ave
2:00pm : Sir Walter's H3 Home Brew Hash!! Hared by Spontaneous Combustion, Jiggly Poof, Glitter Puss, Rusty Pole, Box Rot, Butt Parken Deweiss, Gay Watch.