#27 The Hangover: On Tour Part II SAVANNAH Weekend!!!

H4 Prelube #27:
Saturday 7:00pm- (April 5, 2014)
Historic District of Savannah, GA
Specific Locations and Schedule TBD

H4 Trail #27:
Sunday 10:00am- (April 6, 2014)
$5.00 US
? to ?

Hares away- 9:45AM
Pack away- 10:00AM

The Hangover: On Tour Part II SAVANNAH Weekend!!!

G.T.O., Camo Sutra, Vagina Repellent

Start (Hotel):
H4 Hotel TBD

On On On Brunch:
4/6/13 TBD

Brunch Specials:

At Hotel TBD

Metro Accessibility:

Official Hash Train: Take Metro to Train Station. Take DC train from Union Station to Savanah

Train #: 97   
Depart: Thu 7:30 pm  
Arrive: Fri 6:44 am  
Connection: Direct   
Duration*: 11 hr, 14 min

Train #: 98   
Depart: Sun 7:38 pm  
Arrive: Mon 7:21 am  
Connection: Direct   
Duration*: 11 hr, 43 min 

Plane: Take Metro to Ronald Reagan Airport and make sure the gate says Savannah GA before boarding

Car: Take Metro to a car and drive south on 95 about 8.5 hours and get off when you see Savannah GA

Talk with your friends. Get a group together to room with you. Cram as many wankers in there as you want (just don’t tell!) to save money. Order the TBA hotel room. Take hash Train, Plane or Car to Savannah! If driving, be sure to stop by the one and only South of the Border. What a crazy tourist trap! Arrive in Savannah and start DRINKING IN PUBLIC J

Shiggy Rating: (1=None to 10=Jungle Bushwacking)

TBD but likely urban area (maybe swamp) and no open container laws in historic district!!!

Trail Length (Approx):
Multiple Trails TBD

Dog Friendly:
Pet-Friendly hotel. Detail TBD.

Stroller Friendly:
Ummm… sure!

More Info:

Cum join us and some wonderful wankers of the south in the beautiful and historic city of Savannah! Admire the green squares, great architecture, scenic waterfront, huge ships and spanish moss all while drinking in the streets! Two local kennels have agreed to lay trails on Friday and Saturday while Hangover will do our own on Sunday!

Please RSVP here!

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