#58 Ski Resorts are more fun on foot!!!!

Prelube #58
Friday, January 22 at 5:00 p
Weekend sign-in and pre-lube at Bavarian Lounge, fourth floor of the Main Lodge

H4 Trail #58
Saturday, January 23 at 6:00 pm
$5.00 US
A to A'

Hares away - 5:45PM ish
Pack away - 6:00PM ish

Theme: Ski Resorts are more fun on foot!!!!

Hares: Camo Sutra, Pebbles for Pussy, Glitter Shitter, and maybe a surprise.

Start: Meet in the hotel main lobby area and circle will move outside.


Metro Accessibility: A shiny nickel to the one who finagles that!

Directions: Get to Seven Springs.  If you can’t find the hotel lobby, you’ll never survive trail.

Parking: Put your skis in one of those nifty ski holder thingies.

On On On: After circle we will go to Foggy Brews (back bar of Foggy Goggle), then ~9:30 Bavarian Lounge, ~11pm Matterhorn Lounge/Dance Club.  Let’s see if we can shut it down like last year!

Trail Length (Approx): 4ish? Depends on how much rummy cider the hares ingest whilst wandering in the woods. Note, as with previous years, there will be one trail because no one should miss the best trail ever.  Find hares for shortcuts if you’re too tired from skiing or just plain lazy.  There may be a penguin short cut, if the hares aren’t too lazy.

Shiggy Rating: (1=None to 10=Jungle Bushwacking): 6ish? … unless we accidentally find another hidden danger. Like a lake. J Regardless it will be dark and hopefully snowy. Plan accordingly.

Dog Friendly: As one of our hares is of the canine persuasion (and newly ordained!!), you should be good to go.

Stroller Friendly: It appears that strollers with skis are actually a thing. Really. Google it.

See: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NY7d9rg-PsiRemJEVoecMvdzG2CFqW7NinhDTDl1M4I/edit  
for full weekend details!

*** On - Day … er night… of Rest, Fuck Th@t - On! ***

#42 Skash Weekend Hash Trail

H4 Trail #42
Saturday 6:00PM, January 24, 2015

Skash Weekend Hash Trail

Seven Springs Mountain Resort, PA
Meet in hotel main lobby area, actual circle will move outside. Last year’s trail was in the middle of a blizzard! Bring a headlamp! 

On-On-On After
Hangover post trail pub crawl
8:00pm (or so, whenever circle ends)
Starting Foggy Brews (back bar of Foggy Goggle), ~9:30pm Bavarian Lounge, ~11pm Matterhorn Lounge / Dance club.

Midnight shrinkage trail! Yeah, this will probably happen
Dude's chalet, 49 Swiss Mountain (chalet). If you're still awake, follow the worn out marks from Friday. Circle up in Dude's sauna and find out just how much your outie becomes and innie.

Sunday January 25 Hungover skiing, hungover lunch, and ON-OUT

On - Day of Rest, Fuck Th@t - On!