#120 - New mismanagement, kicking off the New Year!

Trail #120

29 September 2019


New mismanagement, kicking off the New Year!

The Hares:

Grinding Nemo, Pebbles for Pussy, Straight in the Navy, Hot Tub Slime Machine, Knocked Up, Cock-A-Thong and Hump, Forest. Hump.

The Location:

Sharpsburg Park, a local neighborhood park just a pebbles (heh, heh, you get it?) throw from the Antietam National Battlefield.


The Trail:

Sunday, September 29th, 2019

The lovely day started with a game of musical cars as people were parking in the park in what was not necessarily parking lots, and then moving them to the street to avoid any possible local beef from authorities while the pack was out on the trail.

The RA gathered up the hares for the blessing of the hares, and there was a large amount of them, being that it was the “New mismanagement trail.”


The trail started with the runners and walkers being swiftly rent asunder in the streets around the park before the two back were brought back together before leading the pack to the lovely Antietam Creek Vineyards for a wine check.

At the wine check the various local red and white wines were sampled, and once all were consumed before the pack went back out on trail and soon the pack was separated by Penguin, Turkey and Eagle splits.  The trails went through the Antietam National Battlefield, where many lives were lost in battle on Sept 18, 1862.  Similarly, many memories of the trail this day were forgotten - perhaps it was the wine, or maybe a hangover from the weekend shenanigans?  Either way, the pack somehow made it to Burnside’s Bridge where once again everyone met up again on their adventure to a welcome beer check under the bridge.


The trail officially went across the bridge, but much of the pack saw the wankers under the bridge on the other side, and decided to instead cross through the refreshing Antietam Creek to get to their libations.

Trail then went back through the Otto farm before coming to an end at the shore of a beautiful fishing pond.


There were many.  The Penguin Hares were violated for forgetting where they had placed the beer check, and then Camo Sutra and French Toasted were violated for leaving the beer check at the count of eight even though it was mentioned that the runners were out at ten.  To go along with that, I Fucked the Sherriff was violated for so desperately wanting to violate the hares for influencing her decision to cross the Antietam Creek even though she didn’t need to.  Anyone who had dry feet was violated, because while not everyone had gone through this body of water, everyone should have gotten themselves wet in some way.

Bed Bath and Bidet and Camo were then violated for being shocked by a large black (trouser?) snake found on trail. Just Jamie was violated for seeing a true trail arrow and then running the opposite direction (perhaps it was because of the snake?).


Cum Fly with Me was awarded a lovely shot glass for having 21 trails with Hangover

The On-After:

Dan's Restaurant and Tap House, home of the 34 beers on tap.


Respectfully submitted,

Team Scribe:

Straight in the Navy &

Fjord Sexplorer